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KB22201 - How to view state storage statistics

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Last Modified Date5/5/2016 9:57 PM

This article explains how to change the settings on the gateway to allow admins to view state storage statistics. State storage statistics should be monitored on a regular basis to prevent performance issues when the storage percentage or disk fragmentation percentage grow too large.

Problem or Goal
Performance issues caused by large percentage of user cache stored in state storage.  How can gateway admins can monitor the State Storage on the Pulse Connect Secure or Pulse Policy Secure gateway.

State storage is the memory that is allocated for storing cached user data on the Pulse Connect Secure gateway.  If state storage percentages grow to 50% or higher then this can result in the buffer being over-utilized by user records which can then cause performance issues.  State storage consists of user record data including user created bookmarks, saved passwords, and user session information including options to display last login time and last signed in IP address in the user UI. For more information about User Records, refer to KB9984 - What are 'user records' and what causes them to be persistent in the Pulse Connect Secure (PCS)?

  1. To view the state storage statistics, go to System > Status > Overview > Page Settings:

  2. Under Advanced Status, enable the State Storage in the Display Status section and click Save Changes.  
  1.  The System Status Overview page will now report the State Storage values which are listed just above the Logging Disk percentage:

The state storage is the combination of both system.cfg and user.cfg. When this option is enabled on the overview page, the administrator will see the cache (combined system.cfg and user.cfg) and the number of persistent user records.  

If state storage is constantly increasing, please refer to [KB26336] - [PCS/MAG PCS] The state storage percentage on the device is high and increases and impacts the performance of the device to help decrease the size of the cache.

Note: No action is required as long as the state storage and/or fragmentation percentages are less than 40% and/or are not increasing daily.  When these values are under 40% the data on the hard drive is not fragmented and the state storage level is acceptable.  Performance issues only arise once these levels go above 50%.

State Storage:
0% Full
0% Fragmented

Note: The Page Settings option is not available in the new admin UI, the admin will need to switch to Classic UI to display State Storage.  After saving and switching back to the New UI the state storage value will be displayed in the new UI.
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