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KB22227 - How to configure the Syslog server

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Last Modified Date2/24/2016 12:38 AM
This article provides information on how to configure the Syslog server.
Problem or Goal
Automatically send logs to the Syslog server.
The System > Log/Monitoring pages allow you to specify which events to log, the maximum file size for the system log, and whether to log events to the syslog server in addition to logging them locally. It also lets you view the specified number of events, save the log files to a network, and clear the logs.

When you clear the local log, the events recorded by the syslog server are not affected. Subsequent events are recorded in a new local log file.

Under Syslog Servers, provide the information about the syslog servers, in which to store the log files (optional):
  1. Type the IP address of the Syslog server.
  2. Enter a facility for the server. PCS Series devices provide 8 facilities (LOCAL 0-LOCAL7), which you can map to facilities on the syslog server.  
  3. (Central Manager only) Select the filter to apply to the log file.
  4. Click Add.  
  5. Repeat the same process for multiple servers, if required, using different formats and filters for different servers and facilities.
  6. Ensure the syslog server accepts messages with the following settings:
facility =LOG_USER and level = LOG_INFO.
  1. Click Save Changes.

User Access log settings:

Admin Access log settings:

PCS TCP Dump capture for reference:

The highlighted packets, in the image below, can be seen in the TCP dump:

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