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KB22228 - 'Rejected request' error message found in user access logs

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Last Modified Date8/1/2015 7:36 PM
This article describes the issue of the 'Rejected request' error message being generated in the user access logs.
Problem or Goal
The following error appears  in the User access logs:
Rejecting request '/Student/Main/,DanaInfo=.arnuClt0zqwqKz158xBw.BzB-X33J,Port=443,SSL+../General-Info/Others/Main.asp' from User(Role) since it contains disallowed characters
The reason is that the response to the request for the URL contains non standard characters.

Example :
<FRAME SRC="..&#47General-Info&#47Others&#47Main.asp" NAME="MainFrame" MARGINWIDTH = "0" MARGINHEIGHT = "0" FRAMEBORDER="NO" BORDER="0" BORDERCOLOR="#00FFFF">
You can see, in the above example, characters such as &#47 not following any standard. It should be &#47; (numerical equivalent of /).
You need to modify &#47 to &#47; so that it will work via rewriter. For more information, refer to the following links:
If you experience a similar issue, open a case with Pulse Connect Secure TAC and collect the logs by referring to the Pulse Connect Secure Rewrite Log Collection procedure document.  This will assist Pulse Connect Secure TAC with troubleshooting the issue.
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