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KB22260 - Command line configuration of the Junos Pulse Gateway Chassis Management Card (CMC) for MAG series

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Last Modified Date8/1/2015 9:34 PM
This article provides information about the Command line configuration for the CMC installation in the Junos Pulse Gateway for MAG devices.
Problem or Goal
When the CMC has been installed in the chassis, a R S-232 serial cable needs to be connected from the console port on the CMC to the serial port on the management device and the following commands need to be run to configure CMC:
  1. Configure a console terminal or terminal emulation utility running on a computer, such as HyperTerminal, to use the following serial connection parameters:
    • 9600 bits per second
  2. 8-bit no parity (8N1)
  • 1 stop bit
  • No flow control
  1. Repeatedly press Enter until you see a system command prompt.
  2. Type ezsetup and press Enter. Follow the script prompts as shown below:
root% ezsetup

* EZSetup wizard *
* *
* Use the EZSetup wizard to configure the identity of the chassis. *
* Once you complete EZSetup, the chassis can be accessed over the network. *
* *
* To exit the EZSetup wizard press CTRL+C. *
* *
* In the wizard, default values are provided for some options. *
* Press ENTER key to accept the default values. *
* *
* Prompts that contain [Optional] denotes that the option is not mandatory. *
* Press ENTER key to ignore the option and continue. *
* *
Initial Setup Configuration
Enter System hostname [Optional]:
Enter new root password:
Re-enter the new password:
Enable Telnet service? [yes|no]. Default [no]:
Enable SSH service? [yes|no]. Default [yes]:
Configure management interface [em0.0]
Enter Management IP address:
Enter Subnetmask []:
Enter Gateway IP address:
Configure SNMP [yes|no], default [yes]:
Enter System Time and Date YYYY:MM:DD:hh:mm:ss [Optional]:
Time Zone [Optional], Enter "yes" to choose Timezone from list:
The input configuration parameters are:
Commit the new configuration?
Choosing option "yes" will add new configuration to existing configuration.
Option "No" will allow user to come out of EZSetup wizard.
Choose option [yes|no], default [yes]:

  1. At the confirm commit prompt, enter Yes to continue or No to discard your edits and exit the ezsetup script.
Commiting the new configuration, please wait.....
Commit success.

) root@%  cli

root> edit

Entering Configuration mode

root# set system services web-management http port 80 interface em0.0

root# set system services web-management https port 443 system-generated-certificate interface em0.0

root# commit

commit complete

root# _

  1. Now Launch a web browser, in the address bar type http:// or https://  followed by the IP address of the CMC as configured above, and press Enter to get the CMC log-in page as shown below:

  1. Type the Username and Password and click Log In to successfully logon to CMC.
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