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KB22306 - How to change the link speed of PCS and PPS (Internal port) from the console access

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Last Modified Date8/2/2015 8:20 PM
The Pulse Secure administrator manually sets the Internal Port's Link Speed via the GUI to a value, which is higher or lower from the Link Speed of the port, to which the PCS  and PPS internal port is connected. In this case, the administrator will lose access to the WebGUI.

This article can also be referred to make any changes to the Network Settings, such as View, Set IP, Netmask, Gateway, DNS, and WINS.
Problem or Goal
If the link speed of PCS  and PPS Internal port mismatches with the far end port's (switch port/firewall port) link speed, the administrator will lose connectivity to the web GUI.

It is recommended to keep the link speed of the Internal port/ External port set to Auto, so that the PCS  and PPS can negotiate their  link speeds  with the port, to which it is connected. If required, you can also select a specific speed on the PCS Internal port, if aware of the port's speed; which is connected to the IVE.

Note: There is no option to change the link speed of the External port from Console access, as it can be changed from the Admin GUI; if access is available.
If the link speed mismatches, the communication might break or become non-responsive. The administrator needs to set the same link speed on both ends. It is recommended to set PCS  and PPS  link speed to Auto, so that it can negotiate the link speed with the connected port. PCS  and PPS can handle link speed's upto 1000 Mb/s Full Duplex.
 There are two possible ways to resolve this issue:
  • Change the link speed on the far end port (switch/firewall) to the link speed set on the PCS/PPS .  
  • Change the link speed on the PCS/PPS , by performing the following procedure:
  1. Start a console connection to the PCS/PPS by using HyperTerminal:

    User-added image

  2. Select Network Settings and Tools. The network related options are displayed:

  1. Select View/Set IP/Netmask/Gateway/DNS/WINS Settings. Repeatedly press the Enter key, till the Link Speed options are displayed. You will see the list of supported link speeds. Select any one of them, based on the link speed set on the switch/firewall port; if unsure of the link speed, select Auto.


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