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KB22314 - How to connect via VNC from a Windows machine to Mac/Linux computers through the PCS device

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Last Modified Date9/10/2015 12:10 AM
This article provides information on how to setup a remote desktop session of a Mac or Linux computer.
Problem or Goal
How to setup a remote desktop session of a Mac or Linux computer.
Perform the following procedure to configure a Mac/Linux computer and PCS:
  1. Enable Remote Session:
    1. On the Mac computer:

      Go to Application > System Preferences > Sharing. Select the Screen Sharing option and click the Computer Settings button.

      Select both the options and provide the password for the remote session, as shown below:

  2. On the Linux computer:

    Note: Different Linux operating systems have the desktop sharing option in different locations. Search for Desktop Sharing on Gnome X-Windows.

  • Make sure the TCP port 5900 is open on the firewall.
  • Install a VNC client on the Windows computer. (as an example, download the free edition from the following link):

    Note: To install VNC viewer on Linux and MAC computer, check the concerned App store.
Configure SAM (Secure Application Manager) or Network Connect accordingly for your client PC:
  1. WSAM configuration for Application mode:

  1. Configure JSAM with Server IP address and port 5900

  1. Network Connect Access control configuration:

  1. Remote desktop of Mac computer from Windows computer:
    1. Launch WSAM or Network Connect on Windows.
  2. Launch the VNC client, click Options, and select the Colour level to Full:

  1. Type the password for the remote session:



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