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KB23267 - How to configuring SBR Radius Accounting to log interactive commands which are executed on a EX switch running Junos

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Last Modified Date8/31/2015 9:14 AM
This article provides information on how to configure SBR Radius Accounting to log interactive commands, which are executed on an EX switch running Junos.
Problem or Goal
There are few instances, in which the accounting logs will not record the user interactive commands; even though accounting is enabled on both SBR and the EX switch.
  1. The Radius client, which is created for the EX-switch in SBR, should be configured with a Juniper Dictionary file. By default, the following models use the Juniper dictionary file:
    • Juniper CTP Series
    • Juniper M/T Series
Note: Check the vendor.ini file to identify the dictionaries being used by Radius clients.
  1. The following entries should be added in the [Attributes] section of the account.ini file:
  1. To send interactive commands to SBR, run the following command on the EX switch:
root# set system accounting events interactive-commands
If SBR is not logging interactive commands on its Accounting log, take a TCP dump and capture the Radius traffic from the switch. The vendor specific attribute with vendorcode 26 and vendorid 2636 should be present in the Radius accounting request, which is sent to SBR.

If you are running SBR 6.11 or earlier, refer to KB13166 - Setting up SBR to work with the new JUNOS based devices.
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