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KB23315 - Pulse Secure Installer Service FAQ

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Last Modified Date10/22/2018 4:45 PM

This article provides answers to frequently asked questions regarding the Pulse Secure Installer service.

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Q:  What is the Installer Service?  
A:  The Installer Service is an application used on Windows clients to allow restricted users to download and install Pulse Secure software components from the PCS device that normally require admin rights in order to install.  

Q: How does the Installer Service get installed on the client PC?
A: The Installer Service is downloaded from the PCS device by navigating to Maintenance > System > Installers.  Both the MSI and .exe installs are available for download by the PCS administrator.  The PCS administrator delivers the Installer Service to Windows clients using an automated software deployment tool and elevated admin rights.  

Q: Can the Installer Service be installed silently?
A: Since the Installer Service uses an MSI deliver to endpoints, all MSI installation options are supported, including silent installation.

Q: What other options exist to deliver the Installer Service to endpoints besides using an automated software delivery tool?
A: The .exe of the Installer Service can be downloaded from the PCS device by the PCS admin and can then be run on individual Windows clients.  This installation will require admin rights in order to install.  If needed, this type of installation can be done by the PCS administrator via RDC or desktop sharing.

Q: Does the Installer Service get upgraded when the client components get upgraded?
A: Only if it's the Pulse Desktop client that is being upgraded.  The Installer Service is packaged with the Pulse Desktop client installation and will automatically be upgraded if the user upgrades the Pulse client.  For all other client software upgrades, the Installer Service will not be upgraded automatically, however, it is not necessary to continually upgrade the Installer Service unless the ActiveX component needs to be upgraded.  Any updates or changes to the ActiveX component would be documented in the Release Notes. 

Q: How does the Pulse Installer Service prevent other unauthorized processes from using it to install unauthorized product on the machine?
A: All Pulse Secure components delivered by ActiveX or Java are digital-signed by Pulse Secure. The Installer Service validates the package's digital signature and accepts commands through a secure pipe.

Q: What components are installed with the Pulse Installer Service?
A: Setup Client and ActiveX Component along with the Pulse Secure Installer Service.  

Q: How can the user verify the version of Installer Service running on the client PC?
A: The version of Installer Service can be verified from the Control Panel > Programs and Applications details.  It will be listed there as Pulse Secure Installer Service with the version.

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