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KB23326 - How subscription based license renewal works

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Last Modified Date3/9/2022 3:18 PM
This article provides information on the behavior of subscription based renewal licenses.
Problem or Goal

Renewal License is installed before expiration date.

If the license is about to expire and the renewal license is installed, the renewal license is shown as Renewal/Inactive till the expiration date is reached. When the expiration date is reached, the renewal license automatically becomes active.

Subscription license has reached expiration

If the license has expired, there is a 31 Days grace period (From 9.1R12 onwards) to install a renewal license.
  • If a renewal license with the current date as the start date, the renewal license is immediately activated.
  • For physical appliances, if a renewal license is installed after 31 days from the expiration date, the Renewal license will remain as Renewal /Inactive.
  • For virtual appliances, if a renewal license is installed after 31 days from expiration, the virtual appliance will produce an error message:
Failed to install new license key "<license key>". Auth code not saved. Try again

Note:  Renewal licenses must match the license SKU being renewed. For example, a ACCESS-ESS-10K-1YR license can only renew by a ACCESS-ESS-10K-1YR-R license. This cannot be renewed by a license SKU with a different user count or duration (for example, ACCESS-ESS-10K-2YR)

The following images illustrate the licenses on the license server, prior to the replacement of the expired license. The two renewal licenses are shown as Renewal/Inactive, where as the Primary license has expired.

The following image illustrates the licenses on the license server, after the expired license is replaced. The Renewal license has been renewed and is active:

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