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KB23479 - Pulse Secure Desktop Client prompts for certificate validation even though the Trusted Root certificate is installed

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Last Modified Date11/23/2015 7:53 PM
This article describes the issue of Pulse Secure Desktop Client prompting for certificate validation, even though the Trusted Root certificate is installed.
Problem or Goal
  • You have manually installed Pulse Secure Desktop Client and configured it to connect to an IC (802.1x or L3).
  • Upon connecting, you are prompted to trust the IC device certificate; even though the root certificate and/or intermediate certificate is properly installed on the workstation.
When Pulse Secure Desktop Client is manually installed, instead of being pushed from the IC, the information stored by the connection, which Pulse Secure Desktop Client uses to create the connection, will lack the pointer to the appropriate certificate.

For example:
8021x "21defbb0-c63f-41c2-a69f-c40e567c22e1" {
adapter-type: "wireless"
If Pulse Secure Desktop Client was pushed from an IC, with the Pulse Trusted Server field configured, the above ca1: entry would have a value.

To resolve the issue:

  1. Push Pulse Secure Desktop Client via the IC.
  2. Create a configuration file on the IC and install via msiexec (for more information, refer to the PPS Admin Guide).
  3. The end users should select save settings, when they connect for the first time.
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