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KB23640 - Unable to connect to a Windows Terminal services resource via the bookmark page

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Last Modified Date8/2/2015 9:52 PM
This article describes the issue of being unable to connect to a Windows Terminal services resource, which was added by a user, via the bookmark page.
Problem or Goal

The user logs on to PCS and adds a Windows Terminal Service bookmark for a specific resource. It is configured with the Host name and port number, as illustrated in the following images:

User-added image

The user then clicks the Add button to add the terminal service link:

When the user clicks the link in the bookmark page, the terminal services client launches and tries to connect to the above specified resource; however the following error message is generated:

User-added image
The error message is due to the client being unable to connect to the remote host on 3389. The possible reasons are reachability due to network issues/ACL (Access Control List) on the devices in the transit.

In this case, focus on the PCS being configured with the ACL for a specific IP address on the Terminal Service policies. You need to ensure that a policy is configured under Resource Policies > Terminal services > Access Control > New Policy.

Note: If the administrator has configured a policy for a specific IP address, such as, and a user is trying to add a windows terminal service bookmark on the bookmark page for a different IP address, such as, then the error message may be generated.

To resolve this issue, make sure to specify the entire subnet or add a policy for each IP address on the PCS:

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