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KB23697 - The 'Err Code 22053: ORA-22053: overflow error' error message is generated when configuring the SQL server as the Authentication server

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Last Modified Date11/23/2015 7:44 PM
This article describes the issue of the Err Code 22053: ORA-22053: overflow error error message being generated, when the SQL server is configured as the Authentication server.

Problem or Goal
 When creating an Auth Server > SQL Server; under the Settings tab:

Finding user entries section:

Test User Lookup section:

When the Test Connection button is clicked:

The following error message is displayed at the top of the page:

Err Code 22053: ORA-22053: overflow error

 The data in the database server is as follows:

Table data type (PWD):

Table data value (PWD):

In the above table, you can see that the PWD value for the Admin is eleven digits. The NUMBER data type is limited to 10 digits or characters.
The solution is to set the value for the number data type to less than 10 digits or characters. To have the value of more than 10 digits or characters, you should change the data type from NUMBER to VARCHAR2.

For example:

Data type (PWD is set to VARCHar2):

The value in PWD for Admin is set  to twenty (20) digits:

Click the Test User Lookup button:

After changing the data type from NUMBER to VARCHAR2, the configuration is successfully accepted for the password, which is more than 10 digits.

Note: In the PPS Admin Guide, page 328, Table 27 describes the 'DATA TYPE' to be used for 'COLUMN':

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