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KB23767 - [Pulse Collaboration] LDAP authentication attributes used with Pulse Collaboration connections

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Last Modified Date12/5/2015 9:46 PM
This article provides information about the LDAP authentication attributes, which are used with Pulse Collaboration connections.

Problem or Goal
When creating a new meeting on the Invitees screen, it is possible to search for users by using their last name and email address via the appropriate LDAP search attribute when LDAP authentication is configured in the device.

You might see the <email missing> message in the Invitees screen, when creating a new meeting; after logging on to the user home page. As a result, users might not receive the meeting via e-mail.

Go to the Admin page, open the LDAP auth server page, and click the Meetings tab.

Note: To search for the user by their last name, specify the LDAP search attribute as 'displayName', instead of 'samaccountname'. For more information, refer to the following link:

Specify the LDAP search attribute as mail for the email address (if the attribute is defined in the directory server):

The Display name format  for the user account in the Active directory, should be Last name/First name, as illustrated in the following image:

Click the Search for Users button, click the LDAP tab, type the Last name of the user and the search result should be displayed in the following format: Last name, First name, along with the e-mail address:

Click Check All and then click the Add Selected button, which will show the First name and Last name, along with the e-mail address of the user in the Meeting Invitees screen:

Note: The conductor email is never set via LDAP for more information, refer to KB22769 - [PCS/MAG PCS] The Secure Meeting conductor e-mail is not populated when the mail retrieval attribute is enabled.

To use LDAP attribute retrieval, users must search via the LDAP tab.
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