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KB23797 - Is URL Masking or URL Obfuscation possible with a PCS device?

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Last Modified Date8/1/2015 4:06 AM
Is URL Masking or URL Obfuscation possible with PCS box so that the accessed URL is hidden from end user?
Problem or Goal
Yes, it is possible to hide the Resource URL from the end users and this can be achieved as mentioned below:

The host name encoding feature (also known as host name obfuscation or URL obfuscation) prevents casual observers from noting the URL of an internal resource by obscuring the target server within the URL, without masking the full path name, target file, or port number. For example, if a user navigates to without selective rewriting or host name encoding enabled, the PCS Series device displays an un-obscured URL in the Web browser's address bar:

On the IVE admin page:
  1. Go to Users > User Roles, select the Role that is mapped to the use, and then go to Web > Options.
  • Select the Mask host names while browsing checkbox to obscure the target resources in the URLs, which the users access, and Save Changes. When this option is selected, the PCS Service masks IP addresses and host names in the users:
    • Web browser address bar (when the user navigates to a page)
  • Web browser status bar (when a user hovers over a hyperlink)
  • HTML source files (when the user chooses to View Source:

For more information on this feature, refer to the, section : Specifying Web Browsing Options, sub - section : Configuring Basic Web Browsing Options. To view the admin guides of other versions, refer to the following link:

The user experience will be as follows:
  1. When a user logs on to a PCS device and hovers over the bookmark (here it is Juniper bookmark), the URL link will not be visible in the browser's status bar, as it is encrypted:

    User-added image

  • When a user clicks the Juniper bookmark, they will be directed to the default Juniper Networks page. On that page, when the user clicks the How to Buy link, the following page, which shows the encrypted URL in the browser's address and status bar, is displayed:

    User-added image

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