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KB23867 - How to perform OS check for Android devices by using Host checker for Pulse Secure Mobile

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Last Modified Date8/1/2015 10:10 PM
This article provides information on how to perform the OS check for Android devices, by using Host Checker, for Pulse Secure Mobile
Problem or Goal
  • PCS device running Pulse Secure Mobile a Host Checker rule can be created to check for the version of Android OS being run on the client.
  • The Host Checker policy can used to check if the Android OS version is equal to, below, or above the allowed OS version, as specified in the rule.

Make sure that the latest Junos Pulse client is being run on the client device; the latest available version is

Configuration on the Pulse Connect Secure device:

  1. Define a Host Checker Policy for Android Clients:

  2. Add a Host Checker rule to allow specific Android OS versions. In this example, only Android OS versions above 2.3.3 are allowed. Enforce the Host Checker Policy at the Realm or Role level; based on the requirement:

  3. When connecting via an Android mobile device, which is running Gingerbread version 2.3.6, Host Checker will check for compliance and then allow the user to connect:


  4. The User Access logs will indicate that the user passed the Host Checker Policy:

If there is any issue with connecting, even though the Client OS version meets the requirement as defined in the Host Checker Policy and rule, create a case with Pulse Secure support and send the User access logs and Client side logs from the Android client; which can be obtained by clicking Send Logs under Status, sending the logs via email, Bluetooth and so on, and saving it to your local drive.
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