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KB24619 - How to restrict user login to a specific time period on a PCS/PPS device

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Last Modified Date8/1/2015 4:30 AM
This article provides information on how to restrict user login to a specific time period on a PCS/PPS device.
Problem or Goal
PCS/PPS  administrators can gain more control over a user or group of users of a realm or role and allow them to login only within a specified period of time.
To set the time restriction on the Juniper device, perform the following procedure:
  1. Go to Users > User Realms > Role Mapping > Create a Rule. Select Custom Expressions from the Rule based on drop-down menu and click Update:

  • Click the Expressions button:

  • Select New from the View drop-down menu, type a name for the expression in the Name field, look for loginTime in the Expressions Dictionary, click Insert Expression to add it to the Expression field, specify the required period of time for the expression, and click Add Expression:

  • Move the rule from Available Expressions to Selected Expressions and click Save Changes.
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