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KB24954 - Pulse Connect Secure / Pulse Policy Secure is sending 'iveLogNearlyFull' SNMP traps

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Last Modified Date8/9/2015 4:10 AM
This article describes the issue of PCS or PPS displaying a critical error under event logs.
Problem or Goal
At certain times, Pulse Connect Secure or Pulse Policy Secure may display the following critical error:
Critical: Sending iveLogNearlyFull SNMP trap to <IP_address_SNMP_Server>
The log file (System, user access, or administrator access) that is specified by the logName parameter is nearly full.
  • When this trap is sent, the logFullPercent (%of full log file) parameter is also sent. You can configure this trap to be sent at any percentage.
  • To disable the trap, set iveLogNearlyFull to 0%. The trap’s default value is 90%.
  • When SNMP traps are enabled, the iveLogNearlyFull and iveLogFull traps are sent when the log files are 90% and 100% full respectively; even if the threshold is set to 0 (disabled).
  • Try clearing the user access/ event /admin log (after taking a backup).
  • Delete any system or admin generated snapshots from the Troubleshooting -> System Snapshot page (after taking a backup).
  • Check the SNMP trap thresholds, which have been set under Log /monitoring -> SNMP, to identify what percentage of log frequency is set; you may want to increase it, if it is too low.
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