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KB25292 - How to monitor hard disk usage

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Last Modified Date8/3/2015 6:03 PM
This article provides information on how to monitor the hard disk usage.
Problem or Goal
SNMP can be used to obtain the percentage of used disk space.
In the admin console, under System > Status > Overview, it shows how much percentage of the disk space that is reserved for logging is used. You can also view the amount of disk space used by state storage (for more information about state storage, refer to KB22201 - How to view state storage statistics

To find out how much of the total hard disk space is being used, you need to enable SNMP queries and query the diskFullPercent SNMP object to return the current disk utilization. To enable SNMP queries, go to System > Log/Monitoring > SNMP and configure the Agent Properties section:

When the above settings are saved, you will be able to perform SNMP queries against the device. Download and use the MIB file, which is linked at the top of the SNMP configuration page, for the Juniper IVE vendor-specific objects.

The MIB has the diskFullPercent object defined as:
diskFullPercent OBJECT-TYPE
SYNTAX Gauge32
MAX-ACCESS read-only
STATUS current
DESCRIPTION "Percentage of disk space full"
::= { juniper-ive 25 }
This object is described as:

"It Returns the percentage of disk space used in the PCS for the iveDiskNearlyFull trap. The system calculates this value by dividing the number of used disk space blocks by the number of total disk space blocks."

This object has a SNMP OID of .

The iveDiskNearlyFull SNMP trap can be enabled; so that the PCS device can send notifications, when the disk is nearly full, to the configured SNMP trap server.  This can be configured with the percentage threshold; so that the trap will be activated, when this threshold is reached or exceeded. This can also be performed at System > Log/Monitoring > SNMP.
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