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KB25327 - How to configure the terminal service by using the 'userAttr.ipPhone' LDAP attribute

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Last Modified Date8/14/2015 11:34 PM
This article provides information on how to configure the terminal service by using the userAttr.ipPhone LDAP attribute.
Problem or Goal
  • User logs on to the IVE via their Active Directory Username and Password.
  • PCS pulls the IP phone (IP address) details for the user and passes it to the userAttr.ipPhone attribute.
  • As the Auto-launch option is selected, PCS will automatically launch the RDP session.
  1. On the Active Directory, right click User > Property > Telephones and assign an IP address to the IP phone. Assume that the DHCP server is assigning the static IP address to the user:

  2. On the LDAP Auth server in the PCS, click Server Catalog > Attributes and add the ipPhone attribute:
  3. Go to Users > Resources Profiles > Terminal Services and click New Profile:
  4. Select Windows Terminal Services, type all the other details, and click Save and Continue:
Note: Use the same attribute, as displayed in the above image.
  1. Select the appropriate Roles and click Save Changes:
  1. Now, you will be automatically redirected to the Bookmarks page. Click the newly created bookmark and under Session, type the required details:
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