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KB2564 - Common TCP capture filters used with PCS device

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Last Modified Date12/21/2018 2:47 PM
This article provides some common filters that can be used with the TCP dump tool on the PCS device to help isolate traffic for debugging issues.
Problem or Goal
  • TCP capture files on the PCS device have a size limit of 500 MB.
  • Once the TCP dump file reaches 500 MB, no further packets will be logged to the packet capture file, even though the dump will remain running.
  • Due to the amount of packets that are captured during heavy usage periods, or if the dump has to run for more than 5 minutes to try and capture the issue, it is necessary to use filters to reduce the amount of traffic captured and isolate only the traffic needed to debug the issue.

Common filters used with TCP dump tool 

  1. Filter commonly used to troubleshoot VPN tunneling startup or session issues:
host OR host = client external IP address
host = client virtual IP assigned by VPN tunneling

Tip: Have the user connect with VPN tunneling once before starting the capture to get the virtual IP address, then set this in the filter and have the user reconnect.
  1. Display Filter -- Filters which you use to tilter the captured TCP dump.

In IVE TCP dump filter field you have to use Capture Filters variable. You can use the ethereal capture filter syntax.

For Example:

  1. If you want filter based on host IP address, the syntax will be host i.e. host if is host IP address
  2. If you want to capture HTTP traffic, the syntax will be tcp port 80. This filter will only capture HTTP traffic.

You can also use "AND" "OR" and "NOT" operators. Suppose you want to capture telnet traffic from host then the syntax will be tcp port 23 AND host

For more details you can refer to ethereal user guide at

Note: in May of 2006,  Wireshark network protocol analyzer became the successor to Ethereal

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