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KB25814 - Import of the device certificate on UAC fails with the 'Could not read private key' error message being generated

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Last Modified Date4/19/2017 11:14 PM
This article describes the issue of the Could not read private key error message being generated, when trying to import the certificate and private key file on IC and the password key.
Problem or Goal
When trying to import the device certificate on Pulse Policy Secure (PPS) with the private key file and password key, the following error message may appear:
Could not read private key, data type: DER or PEM
This issue occurs due to the private key is invalid or in the incorrect format.
To resolve this issue and successfully import the certificate, the private key file should be either in the DER, PEM or PVK format.  When obtain a certificate from the certificate authority, only the public key (.CER or .CRT) will be provided.  Prior to request to the certificate authority, a private key would have been generated, then a certificate signing request (CSR) would be created and provided to the certificate authority.

If the private key lost or misplaced, refer to the previous contact who provide the CSR file.  If the private key cannot be found, a new private key and CSR must be created, then a replacement certificate must be issued by the certificate authority.
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