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KB26336 - The state storage percentage on the device continues to increase and impacts the performance of the device

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Last Modified Date10/5/2016 3:14 PM
This article describes the issue of high state storage percentage on the device. For example, if it is 55% or higher, it can lead to issues such as cluster instability and the device going down, which can impact performance.


Problem or Goal

IMPORTANT!  Before performing any steps, please make sure to make a backup of the system and user configuration on the following devices.

From the System status overview page, the state storage statistics can be viewed.  This option is not enabled by default.  To enable this option, click Page settings and select the check box to display the state storage. The following image illustrates a device with high state storage percentage:

For more information, refer to KB22201 - [SA Series/MAG/UAC] How to view state storage statistics.

If state storage is high, perform the following steps to reduce and control the size:

  1. Under Configuration > Security > Miscellaneous, disable ​Show last login time on user's bookmark page and Show last login IP address on user's bookmark page.  After disabling these options, wait 15 to 30 minutes and confirm if the state storage decreases to acceptable levels.  If storage storage needs to shrink further, refer to Step 2.

  2. Under System Maintenance options, if the number of user records on the device is very high, enable the External User Records Management feature and delete the oldest user records from the device.

Note: Refer to the External User Records Management document before using this feature. It is advisable to use this feature and enable the automatic deletion of user records during new user logins; so as to avoid storage stage growth in the future:

For more information about user records, refer to KB9984 - What are 'user records' and what causes them to be persistent in Connect Secure cache?

If steps 1 and 2 (above) are unsuccessful, perform a factory reset of the PCS device, re-upgrade to the current version, and re-import the configuration. To do so, perform the following procedure:

  1. Make sure that console access is available.
  2. Save user.cfg, system.cfg, IVS configuration (if any), XML configuration, and license information. 
  3. Factory reset the clustered/stand-alone PCS devices via the console.
  4. Re-configure the basic IP address and other information via the console.
  5. Re-upgrade to the rollback version.
  6. Upgrade to the current version.
  7. Re-import the system.cfg, user.cfg, and IVS configuration files.
If state storage continues to grow steadily above 50 %, even after External User Records Management is enabled and step 1 is executed, contact your technical support representative and attach the following logs:
  • Admin generated system snapshot from the node or both of the nodes in the cluster. Go to Maintenance > Troubleshooting > System Snapshot and take a system snapshot with the Include system config and Include debug log check boxes being selected.
  • Complete screenshot of the status overview graph. 
  • User access, event, and admin access logs.
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