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KB26409 - [PCS/MAG PCS/PPS] Status window (detailed connection information) for Pulse Secure Mobile connection

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Last Modified Date8/1/2015 3:32 PM

This article provides information on the Pulse Secure Mobile Connection detailed Status window.

Problem or Goal
My Pulse Secure Mobile status is 'Connected'.   How do I get more information?
  • How do you confirm the Pulse Secure mobile client is getting an IP address?
  • How do you determine the PCS server to which the user is connected, the duration, bytes sent/received, and the assigned VPN address, if  the user is configured for VPN access?
  • How do you determine if a user is configured for Web access only or layer 3 VPN access?
  • How do you determine if the user's mobile platform is supported for VPN access?


On the Pulse Secure Desktop Client screen, select the arrow on the Status button, and you can view the detailed connection status. The Status screen provides important information about the Pulse Secure Mobile Client connection.

Below is the output of a successful, not supported, and disconnected connection.

Successful 'VPN Connection' with IP address assigned to mobile device:

When Layer 3 VPN access is configured and working properly, then the connected PCS server, duration, bytes sent/received, and the assigned VPN address will be displayed:

Apple iOS
User-added image
User-added image

Note: Any pre-Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) (Android version 4.0) device will not support Layer 3 VPN, unless you are using a Vendor specific version of Pulse Secure Mobile Client that allows VPN access. For more information, refer to KB9212 - [PCS/MAG PCS] VPN tunneling client platforms supported with PCS.


When Web access is configured, an option for Intranet and/or Email will be present, when you are successfully connected.
User-added image

'Not Supported' Status

When the mobile platform or configuration is not supported for Layer 3 VPN access, then the VPN Status will be displayed as Not Supported:
User-added image

For a list of supported devices, refer to the Supported Platforms Guide located here:
  1. Go to the Pulse Secure for Mobile Devices Technical Documentation:
  • Under Software Documentation, select your version
  • Select the 'Pulse Secure Mobile Supported Platforms Guide'.

'Disconnected' Status

If layer 3 VPN access is supported, but not allowed by the PCS Administrator or the attempt to obtain an IP address has failed, then the VPN Status is displayed as Disconnected:
User-added image

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