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KB27092 - How to change the keystore password (restore password) for a Pulse Connect Secure x500FIPS device

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Last Modified Date8/1/2015 9:48 PM
This article will provide step-by-step instructions to change the restore password previously set for a  Pulse Connect Secure x500FIPS device.

Problem or Goal
 The restore password is used in the following scenarios:
  • Changing Security Officer username and password
  • Joining a node to an existing cluster
  • Upgrading firmware
If the restore password cannot be provided the Pulse Connect Secure admin will need to enter a valid Security Officer username and password.  If a valid Security Officer username and password cannot be provided, the FIPS device will need to be factory reset and reconfigured as there is no available method for recovering these from the system.
  1. Connect to the  Pulse Connect Secure device via serial console
  2. Select option 9 to access FIPS options
Please choose from among the following options:
1. Network Settings and Tools
2. Create admin username and password
3. Display log/status
4. System Operations
5. Toggle password protection for the console (Off)
6. Create a Super Admin session.
7. System Maintenance
8. Reset allowed encryption strength for SSL
9. FIPS options
Choice:  9
  1. Select option 4 to Generate master key password
Please choose the operation to perform:
1. Complete import of key store and server certificates
2. Change security officer password
3. Change web user password
4. Generate master key backup
5. Reset the HSM
6. Load firmware and re-import key store
7. Load key store into cache
<return to go back to main menu>
Choice: 4
  1. Enter Security Officer username
  2. Enter Security Officer password
  3. Enter a new restore password
  4. Confirm the new restore password
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