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KB27209 - The Windows DNS client service is stopped after launching Network Connect

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Last Modified Date11/14/2015 4:21 AM
This article describes the issue when Network Connect is unable to restart the DNS client service on a Windows 7 machine. As a result, DNS resolution may fail or excessive DNS requests are sent through the VPN tunnel as DNS resolution are not cached.
Problem or Goal
Prior to 8.1R6, Network Connect client will stop and start the Domain Name Service (DNS) service.

DNS client service is restarted to prevent DNS resolution issues.  This helps prevent DNS caching issues when hostnames resolve to different IP addresses in a pre VPN tunnel (external) vs post VPN tunnel (internal) scenario. However, in certain cases, Network Connect is unable to restart the DNS client service.  This issue does not occur for Pulse Secure Desktop client.
Listed below are possible reasons why the Network Connect client is unable to restart DNS client service:
  • When the Windows Firewall (Windows Service) is improperly disabled.  Stopping the service that is associated with Windows Firewall in Advanced Security is not supported by Microsoft.  Pulse Secure has found that disabling the Windows Firewall using the supported method by Microsoft does resolve this issue. For more information, refer to the following link:
Note:  This applies only to the Windows Firewall service, not Windows Firewall application.  Disabling the Windows Firewall application, but leaving the service running does not cause this issue.
  • The Windows DNS service may also be slow or fail to restart at all, if the host file has grown too large.  For more information, refer to KB19313
When this issue occurs, the following message is generated in the Windows System Event log:
Error DD/MM/YY HH:MM:SS AM Service Control Manager 7011 JTAC-PC Timeout (30000 milliseconds) 
waiting for a transaction response from the Dnscache service.
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