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KB28693 - Using LDAP multi-valued attribute to create dynamic terminal services bookmarks

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Last Modified Date10/24/2018 7:13 PM

This article provides information about how to utilize LDAP Multi-valued attribute to create dynamic bookmarks based on a returned number of values. It is represented with <UserAttr.xxxxxxxx> where, if used as a variable in terminal services bookmarks, it will create a bookmark for each returned value.

Problem or Goal
Administrators can define the terminal servers/desktops that users can access by defining the servers/desktops under the LDAP Multi-valued attribute. For example, for the attribute otherIpPhone, we can use any mv attribute.

Configuration on the Windows server and Pulse Connect Secure

On the Server

Define the terminal servers/desktops under the user properties:


Pulse Connect Secure

  1. Create an LDAP server instance.
  2. Under the REALM role mapping, add the mv user attribute and do the role mapping as shown below:
  1. Create the Terminal Services Resource Profile.
  1. Define the bookmark:
  1. User will see the defined values on the home page.
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