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KB29675 - How to get iPhone/iPad device console logs in iOS7 and up

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Last Modified Date2/8/2017 4:22 PM
This article provides steps to access the device console logs from an iPhone or iPad running iOS 7 and up.  These logs are useful in debugging device specific issues with Pulse Secure and are used by support technicians for troubleshooting.
Problem or Goal
With the release of iOS 7, device console logs can no longer be obtained using the iPhone configuration utility (iPCU).  Xcode debugger must be used instead to access and download device console logs. To obtain this log, perform the following steps:
  1. Physically connect the iPhone or iPad to a Mac.  
  2. From the Mac, open Xcode.  (If Xcode is not already installed on open the Mac App Store app on your Mac, search for Xcode, and click Free to download Xcode.)
  3. From the taskbar click Window > Devices.

  4. From the left pane, under Devices, select the mobile device that is connected to the Mac.
  5. Console output will appear in the bottom pane.
  6. Click the down arrow to save the console output to a text file.

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