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KB29856 - Support for Windows 10 (up to build 10586, also known as Threshold 2) and known issues

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Last Modified Date11/3/2016 5:25 AM
This article will provides information on support for Windows 10 and any known issues with with various Pulse Secure client software components and the status of the fix for each.
Problem or Goal
What Pulse Secure software versions will support Windows 10 (up to build 10586, also known as Threshold 2)?
Pulse Connect Secure (PCS) version 8.1R4+ and 8.2R1+
Pulse Secure desktop client for windows version 5.1R4+ or 5.2R1+
Policy Secure (PPS) version 5.1R4 or later
Previous versions of Pulse Secure products may work with Windows 10, but they have not been qualified by Pulse Secure.

The latest software package can be downloaded at

When will Pulse Secure support the Edge browser? What is the workaround?
Due to the removal of ActiveX support from the Edge browser, Pulse Secure has introduced the Pulse Application Launcher, refer to the 8.2R3 Support Platform Guide in the Pulse Secure Tech Pubs and KB40102 for more information.

Note: Edge browser does not support Java applets.

Will Pulse Desktop or the Pulse VPN Inbox Plugin need to be re-installed if I upgrade my operating system from Win7/8/8.1 to Windows 10?
The Pulse Secure team has confirmed that in-place upgrades to the operating system retain the installed drivers and configuration when updating systems to Windows 10. Both wireless and wired operations where verified after the operating system completed its update to Windows 10 Build 10240 (RTM). 

Limitations / Known Issues:
Resolved Issues :
  • PCS-2985 - Edge browser support.  This will be resolved in 8.2R3.
  • PRS-328277 - Pulse Collaboration, Network Connect and Host Checker will not launch properly with IE11.  This is resolved in 8.1R5.
  • PRS-328029 - Add Host Checker predefined OS check. This will be supported in ESAP2.8.4.
  • PRS-323483 - Windows Onboarding does not work with Windows 10. This will be resolved in 8.2R1.
  • PRS-329424 - Host Checker stuck on “Loading Components” screen. The current workaround is to add the Pulse Connect Secure URL under the Trusted Sites Zone (Under Internet Options > Security) and ensure “Enable Protected Mode” is disabled. This is resolved in 8.1R5.
  • PRS-328239 - Pulse Client Agent Type on the Admin GUI 'Active Users' Page for Windows 10 incorrectly lists as 'Windows Vista'.  This is resolved in 8.1R6.
  • PRS-326455  - WTS fails to connect to Windows 10 as host.  This will be resolved in 8.1R7.
  • PRS-332164 - Host Checker does not launch properly with Firefox on Windows 10.  This is resolved in 8.1R5.
  • PRS-335111 - PPS fails to auth 802.1X connections from native supplicants on Win 10 TH2 or Android Marshmallow (6.0). This is fixed in 5.2R6 and 5.3R3.
  • PRS-339006 - "You don't have permission to change host files" error when launching JSAM on Windows 10. This will be fixed in 8.1R9 and 8.2R3.
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