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KB30076 - Information on Steel-Belted Radius (SBR) licensing

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Last Modified Date12/17/2015 3:36 PM
Do you need to find your SBR license key, add a new one, or replace your existing one?  Here is some information on how to do so.
Problem or Goal
To provide basic information on SBR licensing
The licenses on Steel-Belted Radius are specific to the edition and version that is running. 

The keys start with 16xx. Below is a list of the different values mean:
1600 = Base Enterprise Edition
1601 = Base Service Provider Edition
1604 = Base Global Enterprise Edition
164x = Maintenance Upgrade key
1640 = Enterprise Maintenance Upgrade
1641 = Service Provider Edition Maintenance Upgrade
1644 = Global Enterprise Edition Maintenance Upgrade
162x = Feature Key
      1620 = LCI Key for Enterprise Edition
      1624 =  JavaScript License for Global Enterprise

The 3rd group of numbers differ according to the version.  SBR version 5.4 has 0900, 6.0 has 1000 and 6.1 has 1100. Here are a few examples:
5.4 key - 16XX XXXX 0900 XXXX XXXX
6.0 key - 16XX XXXX 1000 XXXX XXXX
6.1 key - 16XX XXXX 1100 XXXX XXXX
6.2 key - 16XX XXXX 1200 XXXX XXXX

You can view the license by opening up the file called radius.lic in the \radius\service directory. You can also edit this file to add or remove licenses. Make sure to restart the Steel-Belted Radius server after editing the file for the change to take affect.

You can also add license keys via the admin UI under the File > License Key menu.

If you have additional questions concerning licenses, contact Technical Support at 1-888-314-JTAC.
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