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KB30437 - Very high CPU usage for extended periods of time running software versions 8.0/8.1

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Last Modified Date2/6/2017 11:10 PM
This article describes an issue in 8.0R1 - R12 and 8.1R1 - R2.1 that may cause very high CPU usage on the PCS device even when the device does not have a significant user load.
Problem or Goal
You may be exposed to this issue when the below conditions are true in your environment but not limited to these conditions:
  • The PCS device is running a software version between 8.0R1 to 8.0R12 or 8.1R1 to 8.1R2.1.
  • End users using Network Connect or Pulse Secure client as a VPN client.
  • End points send multicast traffic through the VPN tunnel.

This issue has the following symptoms:
  • High CPU usage
  • Dashboard graphs show CPU usage is at or near 100% for several hours at a time regardless of user load.
  • The CPU usage graph spikes up very quickly and remains high (plateaus) for a long period.
  • Restarting services on the device only helps temporarily. CPU returns to at or near goes back to 100% shortly soon after a reboot/restart.

There may or may not be any user impact but the device may exhibit signs of performance degradation under heavier loads.
This issue occurs due to a bug when processing multicast traffic from Network Connect or Pulse Secure client.
This issue is resolved in the following versions:
  • 8.0R13 and greater
  • 8.1R3.2 and greater
  • 8.2R1 and greater

If a root cause analysis or confirmation of this issue, please open a support case with the following logs:
  • System snapshot with debug logging enabled with the event code of ifttls (after replicating the issue)
  • PCS logs (event, user and admin access logs)
  • Screenshot of all system status graphs
Please follow the steps below to gather the required logs:
  1. Please enable debug logging on the PCS device:
Go to Troubleshooting > Monitoring > Debug Logging
Set the max debug log size to 50
Set the debug log level to 50
Event Code: ifttls
  1. Allow the debug log run for one (1) minute, then disable debug logging.
  2. Go to Troubleshooting > System Snapshot and select the checkbox “Include Debug Log” (at the bottom of the page).  
  3. Take a system snapshot.
  4. Download the system snapshot from the device and attach it to the case.
  5. Go to System > Overview and take screenshots of ALL dashboard graphs.
  6. Go to Log / Monitoring and click “Save All Logs”.
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