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KB3115 - Why does Java Secure Application Manager (JSAM) on macOS require admin privileges?

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Last Modified Date10/23/2018 9:50 PM
This article provides information why JSAM requires admin privileges.
Problem or Goal
  1. To edit host file
  2. To bind to a port below 1024 (only for macOS)
  3. If there are more than two hosts lisetning on the same port then JSAM will create a different loopback addresses for each host entry in JSAM on the same port. In the macOS, if you want to create a loopback IP other than, admin privilege is required.
  4. The user needs to modify the java.policy file. The java.policy file needs to be modified to allow JSAM to port forward. This file can only be modified by root therefore the user needs to change user to root to be able to modify the file. The permissions that need to be added to the java.policy are grant { permission; permission "", "accept, connect, listen, resolve"; permission "localhost:1-", "accept, connect, listen, resolve"; };
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