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KB40023 - [Customer Support Tools] How to generate an RMA license using the Licensing & Download Center at

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Last Modified Date9/17/2015 10:41 PM

A customer has received a replacement device or RMA'd device and needs to generate license keys from the Licensing & Download Center at


Problem or Goal
Customer needs to obtain license keys for an RMA device from
To generate a license for an RMA device:
  1. Obtain the RMA Detail Number.  An RMA license is generated using the RMA Detail Number as the auth code.
  2. You can find the RMA Detail Number by accessing the RMA case in the Case Center at  Select the case that was open for the hardware failure and view the case notes.  Look for the case note with "RMA Order in Process" as the subject line and view the case note contents.  You will find the RMA Detail Number at the beginning of the notification as seen below:
            The RMA Detail Number will always include a "-1", "-2", "-3" at the end
        User-added image
  1. If you are unable to locate your RMA Detail Number please contact our Global Service Center and it will be provided to you.
  2. Login to
  3. Select License and Download Center which takes you to Entitlement History.
  4. If you are presented with multiple accounts, select one to continue.  (We will be changing the query to search on "All Accounts" in the next step, therefore you can choose any account.)
          User-added image
  1. Set the Filter by Account selection to Show All.  This will ensure to search all entitlements available in all accounts the contact has access to.
          User-added image 
Note:  If "No orders are available" message appears, please refer to KB40047 to add access to your account using 
the RMA Detail Number.

  1. Now, you can either click Search Assets to look through all entitlements for the RMA Detail Number in the Authorization Code column as shown below:             
​           User-added image
  1. Or, refine the search to find only those entitlements associated with the RMA by entering the RMA Detail Number in the Authorization Code field and click Search Assets.
           User-added image
           The system will return only the line items associated with that auth code.

            User-added image
  1. There should only be one line item with the matching RMA Detail Number but if there happen to be two, as shown above, click the Entitlement ID link to open the Asset Detail sheet and verify that you have selected a License as the Asset.  (You can identify a license asset from other assets because it will always begin with the word "Add".)
         User-added image
  1. Once you have selected the Entitlement ID for the matching asset and it is open in the Asset Detail sheet, click "Licenses for this Asset".
          User-added image
  1. If the license has not yet been generated, you will need to click "Generate":
            User-added image
  1. Then enter the Serial Number and Hardware ID for the replacement device in the corresponding fields (the auth code will be pre-populated) and click "Generate".
           User-added image
            (a) To find the serial number, login to admin console and go to Maintenance - System - Platform.
                   User-added image
             (b) Hardware ID will be mentioned as Licensed to in the bottom left corner.
                  User-added image
  1. The license key be displayed on-screen.  

        User-added image
  1. Copy and paste the license key string to the appropriate section of the device to install it.  
  2. Once the license has been generated, you can view the license key at any time by searching for and retrieving the asset, then click "Show Licenses for this Asset" from the Asset Detail page.  
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