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KB40032 - [Customer Support Tools] How to generate or download a license using the Licensing & Download Center for Pulse Secure (non-vADC) products

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Last Modified Date4/27/2020 8:30 PM
This article provides instructions on how to generate or download a license using the Licensing & Download Center for Pulse Secure (non-vADC) products.  
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For Pulse Workspace and Pulse One Customers:

Pulse WorkSpace and Pulse One do not require license generation.  Please refer to KB40558 - How to install licenses on Pulse One or Workspace for installation instructions.

For PSA-V (virtual appliances) and other cloud-based instances:

PSA-V and other cloud-based instance use Pulse Cloud Licensing Server (PCLS) to install and generate licenses.  Please refer to KB44448 - How do I install or generate a licenses for PSA-V (virtual appliances) and other cloud-based instances (AWS and Azure)?


For all other customers:

  1. Login to
  2. Select Download Center - All Products Licensing - non-vADC
Note: If you are presented with multiple accounts, click any account and see the additional note in Step 3.

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  1. From the My Assets page, change the Filter by Account to Show All.
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  1. In the authorization code field, enter your authorization code.
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Note:  When the license(s) or device was purchased, a Right To Use (RTU) Certificate will be emailed which 
contains the authorization code. Software SKU's or licenses are not associated with any serial number until 
the license is generated through


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  1. Copy and paste the auth code from the Right To Use Certificate to the search field and click Search Assets.
Note:  If "No orders are available" message appears, please refer to KB40047 to add access to your
account using the authorization code.
  1. The licensable item will be displayed in the results list.  From the left hand side, click the Entitlement ID link to open the Asset Detail sheet.
  2. Click Licenses For This Asset.
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  1. The license keys can be generated by clicking Generate for the license selected.
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  1. Enter the serial number and hardware ID for the device the license applies to and click Generate

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Note:  If the serial number is populated with the RTU number, please make sure to change the RTU number to the serial number of the device you want to generate the license for.  If this value is not changed, the following message will appear "An error occurred while issuing a License:  ERROR HARDWARE ID is NOT valid for serial number."

  1. The license string will be displayed on-screen and can be copied and pasted to the device.

To view or download a license that has already been generated, perform the following steps:

  1. From Entitlement History,  change the Filter by Account to Show All.
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  1. ​From the Search field, select Serial Number.
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  1. In the For field, enter the serial number of the device, then click Search Assets.
  2. A list of all assets that match the serial number will appear.
  3. From the right hand side, click the User-added imageicon.
  4. Click User-added image
Note:  Authorization code with dashes will be software assets.
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