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KB40035 - Pulse Connect Secure Next Generation PSA hardware noteworthy features and non-critical issues

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Last Modified Date12/20/2018 7:33 PM
This article addresses some noteworthy features and non-critical issues for Pulse Secure's next generation hardware platforms:  PSA300, PSA3000, PSA5000, PSA7000c and PSA7000f.
Problem or Goal
With the 8.1R4.1 release of PCS software for next gen hardware, this article addresses some noteworthy features and non-critical issues that exist in first release.  Refer to the 8.1R4 documentation for release note items.

Noteworthy features:
  • PSA7000c and PSA7000f models have software RAID1 support.
          (See KB40034 - [SYSTEM SERVICES] Overview of software RAID on the PSA7000 next generation hardware for details on configuring.)
  • PSA7000c and PSA7000f models have LCD in the front panel that shows basic information of the system.
  • PSA7000c and PSA7000f model have 10Gbit/s internal and external ports with "c" as copper interfaces and "f" as fiber interfaces
Known issues:

Starting 02/16/17, the default builds have changed to the following for PSA7000 devices:
  • 8.1R9.2 (build 51529) Pulse Connect Secure
  • 5.3R5.2 (build 40009) Pulse Policy Secure
  • 2.0R1637 (build 85) Pulse One
PRS#Description of the issueStatus
PRS-329814PSA7000c and PSA7000f do not send SNMP trap for power
supply status/failure.
Resolved in 8.3R1
PRS-328992PSA7000c and PSA7000f LCD displays blank status until internal
IP address is configured. 
Required to provide Internal IP first.  This is working as designed.
PRS-328986When a license server is not responding, an HTML error is shown on the licensing configuration page instead of a user-friendly error.Resolved from 8.2R1.
PCS-1092Fiber ports negotiate highest link speed by default causing the
ability to configure the link speed to not work for fiber ports on
PSA7000f models.
This is working as designed.
PRS-329376After clearing the config on the system, it takes a couple of
minutes before the fan and RAID status is shown in the Web UI
System > Platform page.
This is working as designed.
PSA300 and PSA3000 models do not show CPU temperature.
Working as designed. Lower end system not capable of monitoring CPU temperature.

Receiving multiple events for fan RPM running below threshold for PSA Appliances

Resolved 8.2R9 and 8.1R13
PRS-365231Intermittent messages for "One of the power supplies has failed" occur for PSA7000 deviceResolved in 9.0R3 and above


For PSA3000 and PSA5000 appliances, we have received concerns about power supply fans are not working.  The blade-like items visible on the power supply do not rotate as they are air deflectors.  The spinning fan is inside of the power supply and is not visible, so only way to check that is via physical check. Additionally, the admin UI does not monitor Power Supply fan.

The main CPU fan is one being monitored via software. There is only 1 fan to cool down CPU in PSA3000 and PSA5000 models and this is internally mounted.  The only way to check if the CPU fan is working is by checking the fan status from the Admin user interface fan status, both described below:

Power Supply fan status physical check:

Check airflow if possible
User-added image

CPU fan status check:

If RPM is below 712 RPM (PSA5000) and 299 RPM (PSA3000), fan status turns RED, otherwise the status will be GREEN. As noted in the above table, PSA3000 does not show temperature as opposed to PSA5000 displayed below.

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