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KB40050 - Onboarding FAQ

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Last Modified Date7/31/2017 8:23 PM
This article contains frequently asked questions (FAQ) about onboarding to 
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Q: Why do I need to sign up on
If you need to access the case center or download software or clients, you will need to sign-up on Please refer to step-by-step instructions to complete the onboarding process at KB40031 - [Customer Support Tools] Onboarding at

Q: What is an authorization code and why it is relevant to access to my assets?
A unique authorization code is generated for each hardware and software asset.  When a authorization code is entered at site, we are validating if the contact should or should not have access to the account the asset is associated with.  Also, authorization codes can be used to find a specific asset that has not been redeemed or associated with a serial number yet.
Q: Why do I need multiple authorization codes?
When a contact is authorized for an account, then access to all assets under that account will be granted.  This means if multiple assets are under one account, only one authorization code is needed.  If an organization has multiple accounts, due to different departments or agencies, the contact will need one authorization code from each account.  If you need assistance with finding the proper authorization code, please contact Pulse Secure Support.

In the figure below, the contact will need to enter five (5) authorization codes to get access to all the assets.

User-added image

Q: How do I get an authorization code?
 When a device or license is purchased from Pulse Secure (or previously from Juniper Networks), a Right to Use (RTU) certificate is sent with the corresponding authorization code.  Here is an example of a RTU certificate from Pulse Secure:
User-added image

In this example, the authorization codes would associate a contact to the Pulse Secure account.  If you do not have a authorization code, please contact Pulse Secure support at 1-844-751-7629 and support will provide an authorization code for your account.

Q: I have a RTU certificate from Juniper Networks with authorization codes.  Are these valid to use at
Yes, these authorization codes are valid to use at

Q: Can the same authorization code can be used multiple times (e.g. by my colleagues)?
Yes, authorization codes can be used multiple times to provide the same access to other contacts within your company.

Q: How can I merge different accounts in to one account?
Please open an administrative Service Request at and Customer Care will assist with the change.

Q: What if I am not able to find my asset under my account?
Please open a administrative Service Request at and Pulse Secure Support team will provide an authorization code associated with the corresponding account.

Q: ​What if I am not able to find a support case opened by someone else in my organization. 
Cases are associated with each account.  Please open an admin SR stating the missing case(s) and Pulse Secure Support will provide an authorization code associated with the corresponding account.

Q: Why do I see a Pulse Secure Download - San Jose account when I login?
Due to system issues, this account was created for all Pulse Secure customers to avoid any access issues with software download.  This account will be removed once these issues are resolved.
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