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KB40067 - PCS/PPS automatic subscription license checks and renewal

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Last Modified Date3/9/2022 3:14 PM
How does subscription license renewal work, does it do it automatically?
Problem or Goal
This KB discusses the process of renewing subscription licenses.
Subscription licensing renewal from PCS or PPS devices is partly automated , partly as the renewal license ordering is a manual process.

The process is as follows:
  1. PCS/PPS system regularly checks with Pulse Secure server for any new licenses needed for download and installation.
  2. If a subscription license is nearly expiring, it puts out messages  in the logs for the system administrator to warn of the license expiration. This is only if renewal license is not already present.
  3. Customer administrator, after seeing the expiration notice, would  start the renewal process request with Pulse Secure renewal team or via their reseller or partner.
  4. Once the renewal is processed, Pulse Secure server sees it and generates the keys, and makes it available for download.
  5. The next time PCS/PPS device checks with the Pulse Secure server, it finds it, downloads it, and automatically installs it.

After the subscription or renewal license has expired, the PCS/PPS features will still work for 31-days (grace period has changed to 31 Days from 9.1R12) so once expired, it would continue to work until renewal is processed and installed.
If customer deletes the expired license, the renewal will not install and workaround is  to request for an almost expired license similar to customer's deleted license, then let system take care of the renewal via server or manually download license from Pulse Secure Licensing center, and installs it during the last days of expiration. It should enable after subscription expired.
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