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KB40072 - Recommended release version for a software branch

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Last Modified Date12/4/2017 9:58 PM

Do you have any recommendations about selecting a specific software version for Pulse Connect Secure (PCS) deployments?

Problem or Goal

The Pulse Connect Secure solution supports several different use-cases and the deployment model can vary based on business requirements, security policies, software features used, etc. In general for most use-cases we recommend selecting the latest maintenance release of the most recent software branch (versioning information for PCS is encoded in the file name. For example the version string 'X.0Ry.z-abcde' should be read as ‘X’= branch ‘y’= major maintenance release version, ‘z’= minor maintenance release version and ‘abcde’= a unique 5 digit build number)

Some of the advantages of using the latest maintenance release of the most recent software branch are access to the latest software features, access to most up-to-date release in terms of interoperability with client OS & browser versions, most up to-date release as far fixes for known issues goes and fixes to known security vulnerabilities.

Apart from the above generic guidelines some best practice recommendations:

  1. If you are looking for a more mature software branch and select a branch prior to the latest branch however please review the End-Of-Life milestones page.
  2. If you are using one of our legacy hardware platforms it may not support recent software branches. In that case we recommend you use the latest maintenance release of the last software branch supported on that hardware. A detailed table of 'last supported software branch' for each legacy hardware is available here
  3. If you are already using a specific version of Pulse Client please review interoperability of that version of Pulse Client with the target PCS release version. This information is available in the client’s ‘Supported Platform Guide’ under the ‘Server Compatibility section’ 
  4. Review the release notes of the target PCS release especially the ‘open known-issues' and ‘noteworthy changes’ sections
  5. If you would like Pulse Secure to perform a detailed review taking into consideration your specific requirements you can take advantage of our highly customized Product Issue Impact review service
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