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KB40116 - Error message: “The package is of bad quality” when running the install package on Ubuntu

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Last Modified Date3/19/2016 1:11 AM
If the .deb Linux Pulse installer is run automatically on an Ubuntu system, Ubuntu will attempt to install Pulse from the Ubuntu Software Center.  Since the Linux Pulse client does not have a graphical user interface, installing the Pulse Secure client using Ubuntu Software Center will generate errors about missing values in the file and the package will be marked as invalid or unsafe.
Problem or Goal
When installing the Pulse Secure Client for Linux on an Ubuntu system through Ubuntu Software Center (typically launched by double-clicking a .deb file or accepting to download and run the installer when downloading from the support site), the following error may occur:

Ubuntu Software Center warning

Details of the error:

Detailed list of failures with Ubuntu Software Center
The Pulse Secure Linux client is was developed for command-line usage.  (For the complete installation and usage guide, see KB40126.)

Therefore, If the .deb file is launched by double-clicking the package installer, Ubuntu will attempt to install the package using the Software Center installation utility as expected but since Pulse Secure Linux has no GUI interface, and this is detected by the Software Center, errors occur and the package does not get installed properly.

When the Pulse Secure Linux client is installed via command-line there are no errors and the installation is successful.   (Refer to KB40126 for the complete installation and usage guide.)

for Debian-based installation
dpkg -i <package name> 
for RPM-based installation 
rpm -ivh <package name>

This issue is resolved in the 8.1R8 release.
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