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KB40120 - [Host Checker] Host Checker fails to detect BitLocker 6.x via browser, but works with Pulse Secure client

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Last Modified Date12/30/2015 10:59 PM
This is article describes the difference in how BitLocker 6.x encryption is detected between the built-in Host Checker with the Pulse Secure client vs the browser (stand-alone Host Checker).
Problem or Goal
When Endpoint Security is configured to check for BitLocker 6.x encryption, Host Checker will fail to detect BitLocker 6.x via browser (stand-alone Host Checker).  However, when using built-in Host Checker within Pulse Secure client, Host Checker is able to detect BitLocker 6.x.
The issue occurs due to API limitation with BitLocker 6.x encryption.  To properly detect the application, administrator privileges are required.
With the stand-alone Host Checker application is launched, this will leverage the existing user account.  With the built-in Host Checker with Pulse Secure client, this will leverage the existing System account which will have admin privileges.  If the following feature is needed, the recommendation is to migrate users to the Pulse Secure client to properly detect BitLocker 6.x.
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