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KB40129 - [PCS : Citrix/VDI]- Unable to Pass SSO to Citrix storefront 3.0 using Web Resource Profile pre-defined template

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Last Modified Date1/11/2016 10:29 AM
Problem or Goal
For Example if the base URL is,when we configure an Autopolicy: Single Sign-on policy, the Resource  and Post URL gets pre-populated as :

Resource :
Post URL :

With these values and default labels,SSO fails.


In "Resource Profile -> Citrix StoreFront (HTML5 Receiver)" in Autopolicy: Single Sign-on, we need to set the following values for example :

Resource :
Post URL :

Along with the other auto-populated values, we will have to send one more new attribute. We will have to add new attribute named "saveCredentials" and value set to "false".

User-added image

Note : This article applies to PCS version 8.1 and 8.2.

If above suggestion does not fix the issue, please open a support case by navigating to and Case Management.

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