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KB40162 - SSO for Citrix Terminal Services bookmarks using custom ICA is not supported with Citrix Receiver and other "thick" clients

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Last Modified Date4/12/2016 9:46 PM
Use Case:

A resource profile is configured for Citrix Terminal Services using custom ICA option and SSO is configured to automatically sign user in to the Terminal Server.
User clicks on CTS bookmark from landing page to launch Citrix connection.
User has Citrix receiver client installed and the Citrix ICAWrapper plugin/add-on for the browser.
When user clicks on CTS bookmark Citrix Receiver is invoked but the user is presented with logon for the Terminal Services desktop. 

Problem or Goal
Citrix Terminal Services bookmarks that are configured to use a custom ICA cannot support SSO if a thick client, such as Citrix Receiver is used to access Citrix applications.
When a custom ICA is used to configure the connection parameters to Citrix servers the ICA file resides on the user's hard drive and is retrieved and applied during the connection phase. In order for the PCS device to apply an SSO policy configured for this type of Citrix connection, the user's credentials would need to be written to the ICA file in clear text and stored on the client's hard drive temporarily, in order for the native client to recognize the logon information.  Due to the security risk that would be introduced by saving user's credentials to the client's hard drive in clear text, SSO will not be applied to CTS bookmarks that use a custom ICA when a native or "thick" client such as Citrix Receiver is used.  
There are no immediate plans to make changes to the PCS code to support SSO for Citrix deployments using CTS with custom ICA files, however, an enhancement request has been raised to assess the need for such a change.  This article will be updated with new information as it becomes available.
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