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KB40164 - Host Checker fails to install on Windows XP with 8.0R13 and below

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Last Modified Date4/19/2016 6:23 PM
Pulse Secure has identified a potential problem in some Windows XP builds running Internet Explorer (IE8) with ActiveX controls enabled.  Under this scenario, Host Checker fails to install due to a code signature self-check on the JuniperSetupClient.ocx that fails.  The issue has only been reported on Windows XP machines running Host Checker version 8.0R13 and below.

Problem or Goal
End users who experience this issue will experience the following symptoms:
  • Host Checker will work fine for some time and then suddenly stop working.
  • Host Checker launches but gets stuck at "Loading Components".  The status indicator stays at grey for several minutes and then turns to red.

Loading Components status red

Host Checker then displays the following remediation message:


Additionally, it is observed that when the problem occurs that the C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Local Settings\Temp\junipersetupcontrol.log contains the following errors:
JuniperSetupClientControl: "DebugId" 'DSVerifyHelper' [Debug] dsVerifyHelper.cpp:279 - 
DSVerifyHelper: Failed to obtain process file path: 0x00000002
JuniperSetupClientControl: "DebugId" 'DSVerifyHelper' [Debug] dsVerifyHelper.cpp:279 - 
DSVerifyHelper: Process self-check failed
  • After the initial client installation the Host Checker component runs successfully and the user can connect as expected.  
  • Once the browser is closed or the computer restarted, on subsequent attempts Host Checker fails to run and if policies are enforced then the user will not have access to the Realm; Role and/or Resources protected by those Host Checker policies. 
  • If Host Checker and the Setup Client are uninstalled from the Control Panel and the user reinstalls Host Checker, it may run successfully the first time immediately after installation but subsequent attempts to run Host Checker fail with the same symptoms.  
This issue occurs due to the JuniperSetupClient.OCX object (downloaded and stored in C:\Windows\Downloaded Program Files) fails a self-check during runtime and continues to report the failure to Windows during subsequent attempts.  

The self-check is only successful on the first attempt or when it runs initially after installation.

The issue is resolved with an updated JuniperSetupClient.OCX ActiveX control from 8.0R14.  A manual process is required to replace the affected ActiveX control with the fixed version.   Follow the steps below on the client PC to update the ActiveX control.

To update the ActiveX control on a Windows XP machine experiencing this issue:
**** Note:  Full administrator rights are required to complete this process. ****

  1. Go to C:\Windows\Downloaded Program Files.
  2. Delete the ActiveX control named JuniperSetupClientControl Class.  (If an ActiveX control named PulseSetupClientControl Class is present, delete this also.)




  1. Download and run the attached JuniperSetupClientInstaller.exe file which will install the updated ActiveX control named JuniperSetupClientControl Class in C:\Windows\Downloaded Program Files. (It is not necessary to replace the PulseSetupClientControl Class object if it was also removed.)
  2. Verify that the updated JuniperSetupClientControl Class has a "Creation Date" of 01/13/2016.




  1. The user can now run Host Checker successfully against any 8.0 build that the server is running.
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