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KB40193 - [Customer Support Tools] Asset reports from

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Last Modified Date4/12/2016 4:42 PM
This article describes how to generate an Asset report of all assets and open/closed cases from
Problem or Goal
Please follow the instructions below to generate an Asset report.
  1. Login to
  2. Under Pulse Secure Center, click the Case Center icon.
  3. From the top menu, click the Report tab.
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  • Asset by Accounts:  This report will break down all available assets by each available account .  
  • Closed cases by Accounts: This report will provide a list of all closed cases sorted by each available account.
  • Contract Line Item with Asset:  This report will provide a list of all contracts for each asset.
  • Open cases by Accounts:  This report will provide a list of all open case sorted by each available account.
Note:  Case and asset information will only appear for accounts the contact has completed the onboard process for.  
If you notice any cases, assets or accounts are missing, please contact Pulse Customer Care at 1-844-751-7629 
(Option 1, 1).  For international local numbers, please refer to​.

For Assets by Account, Closed cases by Account, and Open cases by Accounts, the following report options will be available:
  • Run Report:  This option will run the report again.
  • Hide Details:  This option will hide all case or asset details and provide only the account name and total number of records.  This is useful to quickly see how many assets or cases are associated with each account.
  • Printable View:  This option will save the report as a excel spreadsheet.
  • Export Details:  This option will give detailed options for different encoding type and export as excel spreadsheet or CSV format.

For Contract Line Item with Assets, the report will the following options:
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  • Account Name:  Search by a specific account name
  • Days to Expire:  Search by Less than or equal to 90 days, Less than or equal to 60 days, or Less than or equal to 30 days
  • Serial Number:  Search by a specific serial number
  • Status:  Search by Active or Expired assets only
  • Start and End Date:  Search by a specific date range.

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