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KB40219 - Steel Belted Radius (SBR) Version 6.2x License retreival process for customers with an active support contract

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Last Modified Date5/20/2016 9:07 PM
This article is to provide the information and steps for Pulse Secure customers with an active SBR support contract on how to retrieve a SBR 6.2x version License key from Pulse Secure Licensing and Download Center.
Problem or Goal
At the time of SBR version 6.20 release, Pulse Secure was working on populating the SBR ver 6.2x license keys for customers with an active support contract . In order to facilitate the upgrade to SBR 6.2 version and cause no disruption to the customer's environment, Pulse Secure made changes to the built-in license which allows running SBR 6.20 version after the upgrade for 150 days. 

Pulse Secure have completed the process of populating the SBR version 6.2x license keys for customers with an active support contract. This article will help customers self retrieve the SBR version 6.2x License key.
Pulse Secure customers with active SBR support contracts can follow the below process to retrieve their SBR version 6.2x License Key:

1. Login to Pulse Secure Licensing and Download Center 2. Search for SBR Serial # Under My Assets / Find Assets Section

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SBR Serial #'s are available in the "Right to Use certificate" when the SBR Product was purchased. SBR Serial #'s start with "RTU" and has a 13 digit # - eg. "RTUXXXXXXXXXXXXX" or they start with "FLU" followed by a 6 digit # - e.g. "FLUXXXXXX"

If you don't have your SBR Serial #, you can also look to find SBR under the Product Section in the Asset list.

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If you still run into issues, please call Pulse Secure Support for assistance in retrieving the SBR version 6.2 License key or you can open a Web Support Ticket at Pulse Secure Case Center requesting the retrieval of the SBR version 6.2 License key.

3. Click License(s) on the "Three Horizontal Lines" on the right hand side of the Entitlement Line under Actions.

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4. You will find the 24 digit SBR 6.2x Key in the text box on the next page. The SBR Version 6.2x license keys are populated for Entitlement ID's with an active Support Contract.
If you don't find the SBR Version 6.2x License keys, please contact Pulse Secure Support for further assistance.

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