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KB40265 - Unable to connect with Red Hat Linux 6.7 and below when TLS 1.2 and above is configured on the Pulse Connect Secure (PCS) device

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Last Modified Date3/26/2017 1:28 AM
This article describes an issue where Red Hat Linux 6.7 and below with Pulse Secure Desktop for Linux will receive an error connecting and will send a client hello using TLSv1.1 when VPN device is configured to accept only TLS 1.2 and above.

Problem or Goal
When connecting with Pulse Secure Desktop client for Linux and the Pulse Connect Secure device is configured to support only TLS 1.2, end user will receive the following error message:
Problem occurred when loading URL failed to perform 
TLS handshake

This issue occurs due to Red Hat Linux 6.7 does does not support TLS 1.2.
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Created ByDarryl Wong



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