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KB40268 - Unable to open Microsoft Office documents from Sharepoint with Windows 7 machine

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Last Modified Date9/12/2016 10:34 PM
This article describes an issue where an end user is unable to open any Microsoft Office documents from Sharepoint with a Windows 7 machine.
Problem or Goal
When an end user using a Windows 7 machine is attempting to open a Microsoft Office document with Sharepoint, they may receive the following error message:
Sorry, we can't open "<DOCUMENT_URL>" because this server is not responding
Sorry, we couldn't open "<DOCUMENT_URL>"

Often, the Office application may open, but no content will appear in the document.
This issue occurs when all conditions are met:
  • Pulse Connect Secure (PCS) device is configured for "Accept TLS 1.1 and above only" or "Accept TLS 1.2 and above only"
  • End user is attempting open a document using the Office thick client through the PCS device with Windows 7 only using Core Access.  This is does not occur for the web version of Office.
This issue occurs due to Microsoft Office on a Windows 7 operating system will attempt to connect to the PCS device using TLS 1.0 (by default).  If TLS 1.0 is not allowed on the PCS device, this will cause the failure message from MS Office.
To resolve the issue, Microsoft has provide a hot fix to enable TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2 as the default protocols in WinHTTP.  For more information about the patch, please refer to Microsoft KB3140245.

For full disclosure and technical details about the issue from Microsoft, please refer to the following url:


If the Microsoft hot fix cannot be applied until a later date, the following changes can be made on the PCS device:
  • Use WSAM/JSAM or Pulse/Network Connect to tunnel the Sharepoint traffic
  • Enable "Accept TLS 1.0 and above" (This is not a recommended solution due to security concerns with TLS 1.0)
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