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KB40323 - How to print documents from remote hosts using HTML5 RDP access

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Last Modified Date4/20/2017 3:29 AM
This article provides step-by-step instructions on using printer redirection to print documents from a remote host using HTML5 RDP access.
Problem or Goal
With Guacamole server, printer redirection allows users to print from a remote host via HTML5 RDP access by printing to a virtual printer that creates a PDF document that can then be downloaded to the Guacamole client to be printed locally.  

Pulse Connect Secure (PCS) Configuration:

  1. Login to PCS admin console
  2. Navigate to Users > Resource Profiles > HTML5 Access
  3. Find the corresponding profile and under Bookmarks column, select the corresponding link
  4. Under Resource Options, select the checkbox for Enable Printing
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This option must be enabled by the PCS administrator for printing to work properly.

Steps to print from an application on the remote host in an HTML5 RDP session.  (The following example demonstrates how to print a file from Notepad.)

  1. Select File > Print ​from the application's menu.
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  1. In the Select Printer window, Guacamole (redirected 1) will be selected by default
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  1. Click Print
  2. The document will be converted to PDF and will be displayed as a File Transfer.
  3. Click to select the file.
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  1. Select Save to download the file to the local host. 
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  1. The saved file can then be opened and printed locally.
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