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KB40332 - System: Push configuration fails when the target has Host Checker enabled for administrators

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Last Modified Date1/25/2017 7:40 PM
This article describes an issue where push configuration fails if Host Checker is enforced on the target device admin realm or role.
Problem or Goal
When performing a push configuration from a source PCS or PPS to a target device with an admin URL that has Host Checker enforced on the target realm or role, the push configuration operation fails with the following error reported on the source device:
Failed:Login to target(Failed to connect or authenticate to remote server: https://PCSorPPS_IP_OR_NAME/targetAdminURL)
The push configuration operation requires that the administrator login not be restricted by any Host Checker restrictions on the target device as the login is from the source device as opposed to an actual endpoint that a Host Checker policy would normally apply to.  
To resolve this issue, go to the target device and create a new admin realm/role that does not have any Host Checker restrictions on it then update the push configuration settings on the source and target devices to use the unrestricted admin realm/role.  

Please note: If there are failed push jobs pending on the source device, it will not be possible to make any changes to the existing admin realm being used on the source/target devices.  It will be necessary to delete all failed jobs listed on the source/target devices in order to update the source/target with the new admin realm.  
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