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KB40352 - Missing dependencies when running install_depedency_packages for Fedora 24

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Last Modified Date10/24/2016 2:24 PM
This article provides details about an issue where an end user will receive a message stating dependencies packages are missing with Fedora 24.
Problem or Goal
When running "sudo /usr/local/pulse/ install_dependency_packages", the end user will receive multiple messages stating dependency packages are missing..
This issue is due to the deprecation of yum on Fedora 24.  Pulse dependency script was qualified with Fedora 23 where yum was still supported.
Pulse Secure is aware of the issue and working to make adjustments to the script to support DNF.  To manually resolve the issue, please run the following commands:
sudo dnf install libproxy.i686
sudo dnf install webkitgtk.i686
sudo dnf install xulrunner.i686
sudo dnf install libproxy-gnome

The following commands will install the necessary libraries and allow Pulse Secure client to work on Fedora 24.
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