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KB40388 - Upgrading from Pulse Policy Secure versions 5.3R5 and 5.3R5.1 to any later release (PPS version 5.3R5.2 and above) will fail in a clustered environment

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Last Modified Date12/7/2016 8:21 PM
Attempting to upgrade a Pulse Policy Secure (PPS) cluster from PPS versions 5.3R5 or 5.3R5.1 to any later release (PPS versions 5.3R5.2 and above) will fail on the other cluster nodes except for the one being upgraded.

Upgrading clustered environment running Pulse Policy Secure versions 5.1Rx, 5.2Rx, 5.3R1 through 5.3R4.1 and 5.3R5.2 are not impacted by this issue.
Problem or Goal
An issue was discovered in Pulse Policy Secure software versions 5.3R5 and 5.3R5.1 in which the upgrade script will terminate prematurely and will halt the upgrade in a clustered environment while the PPS software is trying to upgrade the subsequent nodes in the cluster.

The primary node - the node which is being upgraded by the admin to initiate the cluster upgrade will complete the upgrade without issue.
In order to upgrade all nodes in a clustered environment, one will need to temporarily break the cluster.  This should be done during a maintenance window as this will cause down time.

Below is an example process of Active/Passive PPS Cluster running the impacted PPS versions 5.3R5 or 5.3R5.1 and being upgraded to any later release (PPS version 5.3R5.2 and above)

1.  Login to the active node of the cluster. Go to the menu: System> Clustering > Cluster Status. Select the passive node and click on DISABLE button.

2.  Once the passive node is disabled, you should see this reflected in the cluster status page.

3.  You may now upgrade both active and passive nodes in parallel.

4.  Once both nodes have been upgraded, login in to active node. Enable the passive node by clicking the ENABLE button.

5.  Once the passive node is enabled, it will sync up with active node and becomes part of the cluster again.
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